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My final installment of food snippets whilst in Adelaide:
Soooo this Sunday we leave for a 5 month trip of a lifetime!
Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Nepal, Europe (in general!) NYC, then moving to Canada for a year (or two or more or who knows, so don’t ask me!) 😀
So this blog will do one of two things..
a) slow down a little while I enjoy my actual LIFE and can’t be bothered with this cyber world
b) feel bad and put some posts up for my family and friends
c) continue on it’s merry way because I will miss it
a&b&c) a slittle of all
Once moved to Canada this blog will change from “in the sunshine” to “in the snow” and will feature more scarves, boots, beanies, poutine and burgers than ever before! I tried to refrain last time I was over there but it was just too too hard for my weary chipsngravy loving soul!

So. Thus. Finally. To conclude. In conclusion.

Bon voyage! Wish me good times, new food experiences and I’ll see ya soon! Don’t you go anywhere now, ya hear?!
Much love,
your vegie bug.

tomatoey lentil pasta.

roast vegie noms.

3 best spreads!

tandoori vegies!

roast vegetable plate.

pickle burger!

cookies before.

cookies after!

spicy pumpkin soup.

tea with the best cookie ever!

piggy just had to go.

I sure do like beans.

hash, beans, eggs, sauce.

burger set up.


mushroom burger perfection.

pea pesto pasta.





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Date day!

Adelaide is full of cute, quirky, little cafe’s – the thing is that you just have to know where to find them!

Vego & Loven It; “Vego’s” to the locals, is one of those very places. Although being placed on one of the busiest streets in Adelaide – it is hidden away up a tiny staircase. The only sign of life up there (which to be honest is pretty hard to read anyway) is a cracked mosaic sign!

But once you find this place… once you try it’s delectable goods… you are a lover for LIFE! For life, I tells ya. The decor inside this tiny cafe is a mash up of kitsch, old hollywood, hippie, hoarded cluttered goodness! This little gem is one of the things I’ll miss the most when I leave Adelaide.

I can never go past their vegie burgers, but they sell salads and soups as well, which look equally as amazing. A full burger costs $11 (I think?) or you can order a half size for $7.5.


A warning to you: don’t eat at all before heading there (or expect to be able to function afterwards!) – these burgers are MASSIVE and will fill you up for the rest of your day. Amazing value and so so delicious. I’m pretty certain all burgers are also vegan – but I’ve never asked. They make everything in house and all ingredients are always fresh.

This time around I ordered the Curry N Lovin It burger and Muffin ordered the Mexican Burger (he loves/misses his Canadian nacho fix).

His is a soft vegie pattie, tomato, lettuce (and I’m not sure what else) on a dark rye bun, covered – AND I MEAN COVERED in a “cheese sauce” and then swirls of chilli sauce, served with a jymungo side of corn chips.

Mine is a more solid chickpea pattie, cucumber, carrot, avocado, tomato, sprouts, lettuce, brinjal pickle and mango chutney served on a dark rye bun. It is spicy and delicious, the contrast of the pickle and the chutney make me wanna just eat more and more and more!

cross section!

We manage to finished them (well Muffin left a bit of bread! Shock horror!) and then we stumbled to a park bench in the sunshine to digest and discuss the nap we would have when we got home! Hahaha.

Vego & Love'n It

Adelaide – I love you.

Vego’s – you’re partly the reason why!

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For an anniversary dinner you generally want somewhere romantic, right? Mood lighting? Ambience? A certain… je ne sais quoi.

Well Ying Chow is anything BUT any of those traits.

However, the food is effing delicious! So what’s your decision? Je ne sais quoi or the kind of deliciousness that makes you squeel when you think about the left overs that you have in that tiny container in the fridge for lunch tomorrow?!

– Oh you’d better believe we picked Ying Chow.

Noisy, cramped, usually lined up out the door, fast paced. As long as you know what you’re getting yourself into then it’s a blast.


Vegetarian Bean Curd Soup


BBC! An institution at Ying Chow. Everybody orders it. Literally every table will have a plate of this on it. Even a meat-obsessed Serbian at my work confessed to attempting to create this dish at home.


chinese green vegetables – completes every asian meal.


some ribby things for the carnivore boyfriend. Hey, i don’t discriminate 😀

and rice, of course. steamed, perfect, plain (in the nicest possible way) white rice.

Personally Muffin and I like the kind of service you get in Asian restaurants. It’s to the point. No chit-chatting, no time is wasted!

Have a seat. What do you want? Here’s your tea. Here’s your food. Here’s your bill. Thankyouhaveagoodnightbyeseeyoulater! < the owner really does talk like this! I heart it.

Speakin oh service.. it’s worth going just to witness the waiters carrying 5 plates on one arm. ON ONE ARM!!!!

(my only qualm was that half way through the meal I had a weirdly severely tingly tongue?! Did i burn it? Was it a weird MSG reaction? Too much soy sauce? I really have no idea… but that’s never happened the 82203746 times I’ve been there before, so perhaps i am just odd!!)

Also.. Happy anniversary to my lovely Muffin man ❤


Ying Chow.

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